What is 3D?
3D provides you with the opportunity to select any design in the ege carpets design bank to see how the design will look when laid in a variety of different rooms

Room selection
At the top of the screen, you can select six different kinds of room. Click on the kind of room you wish to see. Then a number of different options are displayed. Click on the specific room you wish to examine in further detail. When you have selected a specific room, you can select any carpet using the search function under the image. To view another room, repeat the Room selection procedure.

Select design
In Product Search, you can search on a number of selection criteria. Select one or more criteria. Or, if you are searching for a specific design, just write the design number. Then click Search. The designs which match your search criteria will be now be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the design you wish to see in the room.

If you are not searching for a specific design, click on one of the designs pictured below the image.

You are free to switch between the different rooms and different designs.

Design information
The design information is displayed below the 3D image. The first detail is the name of the design. The next detail tells you the product's 'Design number'. The 'Repeat size' tells you the design's pattern size.

Data sheet
If you need product details, click Data sheet. Detailed product data will be displayed when you click on the small 'i' icon. To order a product sample, click on the icon representing two overlapping sheets of paper.

Send image to email
To send an image of the chosen design in your chosen room, either to yourself or someone else, click Send image to email. This allows you to save your ideas or share them with others. You can also send an email to your contact person at ege carpets, if you need further information about the product.

To print the image, click Print. Product information will be printed too.